The very image of youth, while at the same time elegant and refined, for the NEW KL 27, this open 8m model that bends all the rules of the game. Fruit of the experience of more than 2000 units sold, it offers performances among the best of its size . Its square nose and curvaceous fins evoke the elegance of a shark. Comfort and relaxation characterize the cockpit thanks to a large L-shaped sofa transformable into a sun bath on the stern and to the counter space with kitchen sink, hotplates and refrigerator, all found under the pilot seats. Below deck there is a single imperative: maximum functionality. A separate bathroom with WC and sink make this boat unique in its category. The new design provides a deck with sharp and modern lines, a new livery designed by a long glass window that ennobles the product to be considered the new luxury open day: an innovative windscreen, more light inside the cabins to let the owner feels more in contact with the sea, metallic colors and personalized cushions.



Key Largo 24 outboard of Sessa Marine is a compact but complete and fast boat which wants to get itself noticed; partly thanks to the new colour schemes for the hull, breaking the ‘nautical’ clichés. Key Largo 24 is trailer transportable and just right for wide open spaces and imaginative solutions, continuing and improving the levels of comfort and habitability of the preceding Key Largo vessels; it is enough to see the spacious sun-deck at the prow, complemented with a chaise longue in the cockpit area and a set of cushions with closed cells.


Incisive design and elegant exterior lines, KEY LARGO 34 follows the main features of its bigger sister Key Largo 40. A sportive universe where the high quality level of the materials and the innovative solutions that have been incorporated, meet all the particular needs of the customers.

The new aggressive t-top, that is coupled to the deck, incorporates a windshield, which can be entire or partial. A touch of power without losing the unique and recognizable style of the brand.

Below the deck the boat presents different colors and materials used to create a refined atmosphere. In the same time, the boat offers to the guests all they might need to enjoy a day at the sea.


This new sporty and aggressive model is provided by a completely redesigned hull that promotes the increases of the performance and the maximization of the consumption.
To better enjoy the sea, the layout of the boat has been structured with a modular cockpit area: convertible sofas and two electro-hydraulic side terraces, that offer to the guests an even larger and livable space, directly in contact with the sea.
The console follows the sophisticated style of the boat, into a mix of functionality and elegance, and the driver’s seat ergonomy is highly cured.
The large panoramic side windows, on the hull, allow to have in the lower deck a natural light, with a great visibility and an enviable view: a real window on the sea.